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Contributing Partners

CRN currently partners with more than a dozen Puget Sound area chain and independent businesses. These businesses positively impact the local community by granting CRN to be a conduit to the community, distributing items they generously and thoughtfully donate. Contributing partners have peace of mind to donate generously since the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act limits liability of good faith donors.

Receiving Partners

CRN currently partners with local communities and organizations such as:

- Senior housing communities
- Smaller, local foodbanks
- Other non-profit assistance organizations
- Shelters/Homeless

In addition to these communities and organizations, CRN also delivers donations to households and individuals such as:

- Immigrant families
- Disabled individuals
- Unemployed/Underemployed households
- Isolated senior citizens and individuals
- Families in short-term crisis situations

Financial Partners

CRN has NO paid staff. Our volunteer members accomplish every task necessary to fulfill our purpose. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Processing donations
- Maintaining distribution sites
- Manage and administer non-profit business

Our streamlined business model ensures that monetary donations are directed toward essential operating expenses, not salaries. We make the most of every dollar just as we make the most of every tomato, every orange, every egg, and every brussel sprout.

Please use the button on this page to donate, knowing that we are so appreciative!