Community Resource Network

Our Mission:

To rescue surplus food and usable items for redistribution to organizations and families in need in our communities, to reduce and prevent waste, and to encourage better management of the surplus that would otherwise end up in landfills.

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  • We saved more than 2.2 million pounds of unsalable grocery and household items from general disposal last year.
  • We consistently serve over 500 households in the greater Puget Sound/Salish Sea area.
  • Our 100% volunteer structure and business model provide economical, streamlined services without burdening taxpayers.
  • Our volunteer members become adept at utilizing and repurposing a wide variety of items that would otherwise be tossed.

Environmental Responsibility

  • CRN is committed to the thoughtful distribution of all usable donations that we receive.
  • Inedible grocery items are utilized by local farmers and gardeners before being considered for city/county compost.
  • Packaging from inedible grocery donations is separated out for reuse or recycling.
  • Returned, damaged or shopworn items are distributed or repurposed before being considered for recycling or disposal.

Personal Responsibility and Growth

Through the recovery and distribution of donated groceries and household goods, Community Resource Network (CRN) embraces and aspires to the following principles:

  • Our volunteer members are acutely aware of the ripple effect created through meeting basic human needs. Each need we meet frees up resources for meeting other needs in our community and in the world.
  • Many of our volunteer members receive a portion of the donations. These volunteer members show up consistently to work hard and realize the great value of their labor.


CRN is a highly structured organization with a clear chain of accountability.

  • Our teams process donations 7 days a week including major holidays.
  • Our teams process donations during inclement weather.
  • We accept virtually any item offered by our donating partners.
  • We maintain records of donations and can supply the record to donors for tax purposes.
  • Our volunteer members realize the strength of a committed team effort and are particularly reliable in fulfilling their assigned duties for the organization.
  • Our volunteer members willingly support and fill in for one another when calendar conflicts, sickness or emergencies arise.

Serving Our Community

CRN serves as a conduit for businesses to positively impact area communities such as:

  • Senior housing communities
  • Smaller, local foodbanks
  • Other non-profit assistance organizations
  • Shelters/Homeless
  • Immigrant families
  • Disabled individuals
  • Unemployed/Underemployed households/individuals
  • Isolated senior citizens and individuals
  • Families in short-term crisis situations
  • Volunteer member households


  • Many of our beneficiaries are isolated, reluctant to ask for help or overlooked by other organized distribution systems. By identifying and delivering necessities to such families/individuals, CRN volunteer members make a personal connection that conveys dignity and worth.
  • Our volunteer members may receive a portion of donations. These volunteer members work diligently and preserve personal dignity through the sense of ‘earning’ through service.